The Open Metaverse

23rd November 2016 in London at CodeNode

This SkillsCast was filmed at The Open Metaverse

VR (and AR) aren't just for Games, they are becoming a new medium to enable people to consume and experience content like never before and its available in a browser. There have been some big steps in the right direction from both browser vendors and hardware manufacturers to support WebVR and begin building the foundations of what VR on the Web will become, so lets take a dive into the Open Metaverse and find out why we should start exploring and what tools we are going to need.

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The Open Metaverse

Shaun Dunne

After having worked for 8 years building Web and Native things for numerous agencies, Shaun decided to set up his own company with a long-time colleague to build things that excite them and made work fun again. Not a Polyglot, more of (Programming)Language Buff who enjoys tinkering in code.