iOS For Android Developers

27th October 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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Once upon a time a curious Android developer thought the unthinkable:

Are Android developers and iOS developers really so worlds apart? Why is Swift something that Android developers should learn? What platform would win in a thumb war?

This talk aims to bury these questions forever and paint a Utopian future for developers of the two platforms. It will discuss developments over the past few years from Apple and Google and look at how these have brought the platforms together.

It will look at the similarities of features, coding paradigms and components. Ending in a most likely hap hazard attempt at trying to predict how the future looks together for the most dominant mobile platforms on the planet.


iOS For Android Developers

Darryl Bayliss

Darryl Bayliss is a software developer, currently working at Axon Vibe as a Mobile Engineer.