Knock knock! Who's there? Doze.

27th October 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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Doze mode is just around the corner.

Introduced in Marshmallow, as the shy guy that was allowed to step in only when your device went to sleep. ZzzZzzzz

With the new N release, Doze mode becomes the rockstar. He rushes into the room with a big shabang by shooting all background services and network requests that forgot to get away.

He should no longer be shy. He just shoots and dances on bones of your scheduled alarms, while you wonder why this particular task is no longer running. With the new Doze mode, you require to adapt your app architecture to the new reality.

On this talk, you will learn how to survive Doze mode using Job Scheduler, Content Provider and stay in one piece.


Knock knock! Who's there? Doze.

Yonatan Levin

Born with the spirit of an entrepreneur, Yonatan loves to create, build and just do fun stuff in the technology field. His primary expertise is Android and Mobile UX, but he is also friendly to backend technologies and people in general :)