Crash Wars: The handling awakens

27th October 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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For years crash handling was one of the worst parts of the Android development process. With each new crash you were risking a lot - getting bad Google Play reviews, negative comments and dissatisfied customers. Nobody likes the "Unfortunately, your app has crashed" dialog, but there was only so much you could do about it, beside logging the crash to a remote server.

In the last couple of months a lot has changed. You've been introduced to brand new tools to help you cope with this problem. During this talk, Željko will share with you how to use several tools and techniques that have made our lives easier. he will explore different ways of predicting crashes even before they occur by means of static code checkers, automatic tests and CI setup. Additionally, you will learn how to detect memory leaks, explain advanced exception and crash logging by using a combination of several different tools. Finally, you'll discover how to provide a better crash experience or hide the crash altogether if the crash is simply inevitable!


Crash Wars: The handling awakens

Željko Plesac

Željko has been a part of the Infinum Android team for 3 years. He has mastered all those nasty bugs and errors which can occur while developing even the most complicated projects. His passions include ORM libraries and frameworks, Android Studio and contributing to open source. His love for Android Studio can only be matched by his hatred for Eclipse.