Radical RecyclerView

27th October 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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This talk will cover how to madly customize (almost) everything in a RecyclerView. Today's apps aren't simple lists and grids. They have complex, hierarchical content and move, interact, and flow with the user and their device. The layout-dp folder is dead; long live the custom adapter! You'll learn how to make apps:

RESPONSIVE: Flow layouts dynamically from a single column on phone to grids and columns on tablets, even if you have multiple sections or view types.

DYNAMIC: Let your lists move! Let users expand and collapse content and insert asynchronously from the network, all with free predictive animations. We'll explore an approach and (soon-to-be-released) library from Genius which makes fine-grained updates in a RecyclerView easy.

SMOOTH: Setting layout backgrounds is so 2000 and late. We'll explore ItemDecorators from the simple to the complex -- decorating views with backgrounds, separators, and indents depending on their context (like sections with headers, groups with different "backgrounds", mixed rows and grids!)

INTERACTIVE: Allow any part of your content to be rearranged or swipe-to-delete.

All this, and avoid overdraw too! You'll learn on adapter, ItemDecorators, ItemTouchHelpers, ItemAnimators, SpanSizeLookups, and everything short of making your own LayoutManager.


Radical RecyclerView