The Living Interface: What's New in Mutative Design

27th October 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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Mutative design is a theoretical design methodology that would allow interfaces and experiences to be born, live, and evolve according to a user’s realities. With mutative design, things like physical ability, lighting, and vision are accounted for automatically, allowing interfaces to be engaging and accessible to every user, without compromise.

In this session, Liam and Francisco will briefly explore the rationale and theory behind the concept, and then go over the latest developments in Project Phoebe, the first open-source step toward mutative design.

Find out more on Phoebe here.


The Living Interface: What's New in Mutative Design

Liam Spradlin

Liam is a UI/UX and visual designer working on Android, the web, and occasionally iOS. He’s Design Lead at touchlab, America’s top Android development and design shop, and a Google Developer Expert in UI/UX.

Francisco Franco

Francisco Franco is an Android developer with six years of experience building applications and custom kernels for Nexus devices, focusing on improving battery life and improving feature extensibility on the platform.