Serverless File Based Delivery

7th November 2016 in London at CodeNode

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Join Robert as he shares the BBC team's experiences of moving to a server-less architecture while developing a micro services implementation of the BBC’s file based delivery strategic (FBDS) solution. FBDS provides tooling to allow the technical and visual validation of new programmes prior to play out. Robert will explore and describe how they have attempted where possible to move to a server less architecture while trying to maintain their continuous delivery chain, their reliability and their security. RObert will also touch on some of the compromises the team has had to make along the way as well as some of the complexities they’ve overcome in implementing this solution.


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Serverless File Based Delivery

Robert Shield

Robert Shield is a Principal Software Engineer at the BBC where he has been for 6 years, working previously on Video Factory and live audio and video streaming. He is currently leading a team of engineers developing a micro-service orientated architecture implementation of file based delivery, ensuring BBC programmes are fit for broadcast and delivered to playout on time.