IntelligentX beer

6th July 2017 in London at CodeNode

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IntelligentX creates the world’s first beer that’s been brewed by artificial intelligence.

The company uses reinforcement learning and bayesian optimisation to analyse customer feedback data, which is provided via a Facebook Messenger bot. This data is then used to tell IntelligentX’s master brewer what to brew next. This ensures each new version is more finely tuned to customers' tastes. Join IntelligentX co-founder Rob McInerney as he shares how they came up with the idea, how it works and what the future holds for ML-based consumer products.

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IntelligentX beer

Rob McInerney

Dr Rob McInerney is the Founder & CEO of Intelligent Layer, and co-founder of IntelligentX. He completed his PhD in Machine Learning at the University of Oxford, where his research focussed on how intelligent machines should learn from experience through a process of Reinforcement Learning.