Behavior Driven Web UI Automation with Selenium and Cucumber/SpecFlow

10th November 2016 in London at CodeNode

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BDD is a method that focuses on defining the requirements based on the expected behavior; DDD is a method that uses a ubiquitous language all across the solution; UX helps design user interactions based on user behavior… and Selenium WebDriver (or similar) is a tool that is mostly used to ignore all these and automate the app using clicks on HTML elements…

In this session you will explore options how to improve testing efficiency by looking at UI automation from a different angle by analyzing and understanding the UI concepts used in the application, matching them to domain model elements and build an automation solution that focuses on these.

Through the session you will discover;

  • What is beyond page object pattern?
  • What are the UI concepts and why are they important?
  • How can you express web automation with domain model terms?
  • How can such test fit into a BDD-DDD process?
  • How can you address asynchronous issues?
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Behavior Driven Web UI Automation with Selenium and Cucumber/SpecFlow