Useful Rust

18th October 2016 in London at CodeNode

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The Rust programming language is a new systems programming language from Mozilla. It is intended to bring safer programming practices to low-level programing languages without giving up the control that is necessary on this level. Rust has a type system revolving around mutability, ownership, and sharing. This is most prominently known to be the secret sauce behind Rust’s guarantee for memory safety without a garbage collector, but it also allows much more.

It has been said that the complexity of Rust’s type system is a high toll to pay just to avoid having a garbage collector. These arguments miss that Rust’s guarantees are also very handy in day-to-day applications with less strict requirements.

Florian Gilcher uses Rust to present elegant, compiler-supported solutions for common problems of everyday applications as well as the infrastructure around them. None of the examples requires any previous Rust knowledge and will be accompanied by examples in commonly known languages for reference.

Topics include:

  • Concurrency without fear: enforcing a single path of access to concurrent resources
  • Type system supported protocols: never accidentally use a closed connection again
  • Tamed mutability: how fine-grained control over mutability gives rise to better assumptions about the program


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Useful Rust

Florian Gilcher

Florian is an expert Rust programmer.