Implementing Full-Text Search on iOS

30th March 2017 in London at CodeNode

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"Search" is one of those things that our users take for granted but is surprisingly difficult to get right. In this talk Lasse will dig into the essential concepts in implementing a proper full-text search on the device without server-side or cloud-based Search APIs, highlighting the challenges such as sorting by relevancy, term and column boosting, stemming and lemmatisation, and the brutality of compound words. Along the way you'll look at implementing full-text search with an embedded search engine as well as with SQLite, and touch on integrating your data with Core Spotlight's index on iOS.


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Implementing Full-Text Search on iOS

Lasse Koskela

Lasse has spoken at dozens of international conferences since 2005, including a couple of keynotes in agile conferences, speaking to some 2000 programmers in a movie theatre, addressing staff of the European Commission (they actually organise an IT conference of their own), and a bunch of smaller gatherings.