GraphQL Growing Pains

23rd January 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Are you interested in how Music Glue has developed their platform around GraphQL, as well as what they've learnt whilst running in production? Then this talk is for you!

At Music Glue, they got excited about GraphQL early on and built the 4th generation of our platform around it over a year ago. They've been asked a lot over the last year about their experiences of running in production and this talk will share many of the lessons they've learned and how they've affected their thinking. If you've ever wondered "this looks cool, but... prime time?", then this is for you. Alex Dytrych'll try and explain some of the tradeoffs and help you miss some of the potholes along the way


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GraphQL Growing Pains

Alex Dytrych

Alex is a software engineer at Music Glue