Storyboards Revisited with Paul Stringer!

9th February 2017 in London at CodeNode

This SkillsCast was filmed at Storyboards Revisited with Paul Stringer!

Are you interested in controlling the flow of your iOS app through configuration not code with Storyboards? Then join in this month's iOSCon Bytes with Paul Stringer!

Storyboards are a powerful yet sometimes maligned tool for controlling the flow of your iOS app through configuration not code.

The storyboard approach in theory allows a clean separation of flow and presentation that provides greater flexibility to change. The reality though is that view controller code typically ends up becoming deeply entwined with the storyboard itself, leading to inflexible, oft duplicated code. This approach can leave many an experienced developer wondering "is it worth it?" and becoming wary of its use.

In this session you will take a fresh cut - you will learn to pick up the story where popular Architecture approaches end and explore a powerful approach to maintaining the separation of storyboard and view controller that delivers the promise of flexibility and less configuration in our code compatible with your favourite architectural approaches.

This talk will share a technique that makes powerful use one of the oldest but least used design patterns in the book coupled with the modern language features of Swift for a story with an ending you don't want to miss!

Learn how to make Storyboards an even more compelling tool that can be at the heart of the clean architecture of your iOS app.

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Storyboards Revisited with Paul Stringer!

Paul Stringer

Paul is an iOS expert combining skills in mobile product design with extensive software engineering experience. An influencer and leader having worked with development teams, key stakeholders and corporate clients incl. Apple and Sky. After years masquerading as a professional developer, Paul discovered 'Clean Code' and began a journey to a new understanding of what being a software professional meant. That journey continues through working with best practices such as TDD, Acceptance Testing and Pair Programming "as standard" in the pursuit of building the best possible software; Paul believes in the principle of getting software right early, and then keeping it working as intended.