Puritas, A journey of a thousand miles towards side-effect free code - Audience Level: Advanced

6th April 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Puritas, from Latin, means linguistic correctness, from a lexical point of view.

In this talk, you will be exploring and walking down the bumpy road of trying to bring side-effect free code to F#. The journey started, in Ramon's case, a few years ago while working for an IT consultancy company where Ramon made: Delegate.Sandbox, a library providing a Computation Expression named SandboxBuilder, sandbox { return 42 }, which ensures that values returned from the computation are I/O side-effects safe. The library is built-on top of .NETs Partially Trusted Code Sandboxes. The path of exploration somehow stalled.

Now with new ideas under the hood and great tooling provided by Microsoft and the amazing F# Community, the journey continues towards bringing this missed feature to an already brilliant and loved programming language, that is used by thousands in the magnitude of 4.

Hopefully one day, the reserved keyword: "pure" (The Holy Grail of F# keywords) will be claimed, and we will be able to use it with ease as we do with other keywords such as: seq, async, query, lazy and so on.

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Puritas, A journey of a thousand miles towards side-effect free code - Audience Level: Advanced

Ramón Soto Mathiesen

Ramón Soto Mathiesen is a passionate computer scientist, with flair for business, that advocates for correctness, code-quality and high-standards but always with the customer in focus. He has been around for a while and have tried almost every position there is in IT. Starting as an IT-supporter back in 2000, to a System Administrator, a Web Developer, a Kernel Developer, a Consultant, a Software Architect, a CTO of a department and at the moment, a founder of an IT company. While in these positions, he has done a variety of task related to network, infrastructure, software development, consulting, teaching, technical leadership and probably the most important of them all: inspiring.