Gant, the lightweight and Groovy targeted scripting framework

9th December 2009 in London at Skills Matter

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In this talk we will look at the Groovy techniques used in Gant to provide the functionality it does. Particular emphasis will be placed on using (or not) the metaclass system, and how to design (or more likely evolve) a domain specific language (DSL) to be well supported by the Groovy language.


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Gant, the lightweight and Groovy targeted scripting framework

Russel Winder

Russel is an ex-theoretical physicist, ex-UNIX system programmer, ex-academic, ex-independent consultant, ex-analyst, ex-author, ex-expert witness and ex-trainer. Russel is still interested in programming and programming languages, and all things parallel and concurrent. And build. He's actively involved with GPars, Me TV, and various bits and pieces of SDR. Russel likes working with Python, Ceylon, Kotlin, D, Go, Rust, and C++17.