Swift Driven Development with Phil Nash

11th July 2017 in London at CodeNode

This SkillsCast was filmed at Swift Driven Development with Phil Nash

What are the benefits and challenges of adopting a TDD approach to Swift development? Come and join Phil for this months iOCon Bytes to find out!

In this talk you’ll answer these questions and show, through examples, how TDD doesn’t necessarily always involve writing unit tests - but when it does what you can do to maximise your productivity.

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Swift Driven Development with Phil Nash

Phil Nash

Phil is a Developer Advocate for Swift, Objective-C and C++ tools at JetBrains. Prior to that he worked in as diverse fields as: finance, agile coaching and iOS development. A long time C++ developer he also has his feet in Swift, Objective-C and F# - as well as dabbling in other languages. He is the author of several open source projects - most notably Catch: a C++-native test framework - and had the first version of the strategy board game, Risk, in the iOS app store.