Appetite for Abstraction with Al Skipp!

10th October 2017 in London at CodeNode

This SkillsCast was filmed at Appetite for Abstraction with Al Skipp!

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Abstraction is all about ignoring superfluous details. As programmers we’re accustomed to dealing with a certain level of abstraction (we don’t attempt to model every detail of the world when designing our data structures). The goal of this talk is to whet your appetite for exploring higher levels of abstraction in your code base. But why? By becoming more abstract we by necessity lose detail and control. I hope to persuade you of the joys of surrendering yourself to the type system and incarcerating yourself in a prison of your own making :)

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Appetite for Abstraction with Al Skipp!

Al Skipp

Al Skipp is the creator of Chromophore (Designers’ colour collector for iOS) as well as an iOS dev, Swift fan and Haskell hacker.