Microservices from the very start with Russel Winder!

26th June 2017 in London at CodeNode

This SkillsCast was filmed at Microservices from the very start with Russel Winder!

Microservices are very trendy just now, and in the main rightly so: separation of concerns, modularity and all that. Come and join Russel to explore into key questions and architecture conundrums, and you may even pass some messages in a dataflow-ish sort of way at this months muCon Bytes!

Many people are talking and consulting on "how to turn your monolith into microservices" and for those who have a pre-existing monolith system, these can be very useful. If, of course, turning your monolith into microservices is actually a good thing, it isn't always. But what about starting from scratch? Does the microservices model have anything to say about brand new projects? The answer to this question is both "yes" and "no" at the same time. This is not a quantum superposition, it is just all about size and some other stuff.

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Microservices from the very start with Russel Winder!

Russel Winder

Russel is an ex-theoretical physicist, ex-UNIX system programmer, ex-academic, ex-independent consultant, ex-analyst, ex-author, ex-expert witness and ex-trainer. Russel is still interested in programming and programming languages, and all things parallel and concurrent. And build. He's actively involved with GPars, Me TV, and various bits and pieces of SDR. Russel likes working with Python, Ceylon, Kotlin, D, Go, Rust, and C++17.