Playing Pacman with Monte Carlo Tree Search - Beginners

6th July 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Writing algorithms for Artificial Intelligence is a lot of fun. You end up teaching your software how to move and learn in the environment and how to take actions to survive to obstacles and threats. But this is still software. How do you know your AI is not dumb as doorknobs? How do you test something that thinks and decides in its own terms? How can you be sure it is following your inputs in a strategic way?

Join Daniele and Eleanor in this talk and learn how to build an AI for Pac-Man leveraging Monte Carlo Tree Search. With the help of D3.js you can verify the correctness of the algorithm and enter in the mind of the machine.


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Playing Pacman with Monte Carlo Tree Search - Beginners

Eleanor Keane

Eleanor is a Full Stack JavaScript Developer and Python enthusiast who enjoys playing around with data visualisation and natural language processing.

Daniele Polencic

Daniele is a technical consultant and entrepreneur based in London. He's passionate about solving problems and programming, particularly in Javascript. When he doesn't write code, Daniele advises startups in the London tech scene.