Droidcon London 2013

Topics covered at #droidconuk

Thursday, 24th - Friday, 25th October at Business Design Centre, London

63 experts. will be speaking. Starts at 9:00 AM.


Droidcon London 2013 was held on October 24-25th in the Business Design Centre in Islington, where hundreds of people enjoyed two days of pure Android with big speakers like Hans Dockter, Eric Lafortune, Ty Smith, Taylor Ling and the rest of the Android community!

Droidcon London 2013, the biggest Android conference in Europe, took place on October 24th - 25th, where hundreds of Android developers found out about the latest innovations, ideas, and devices in Android technology!

We had a bumper crop of top experts, including creators of some of the best tech in Android - like Hans Dockter, founder of Gradleware (the industry standard build system); Eric Lafortune, pioneer of Proguard and Dexguard for Android, vastly improving app security; and Nicoll Hunt, a rising star in mobile gaming with his one-man studio I Fight Bears. Android enthusiasts in attendance found out how these big names became successes, all the ins and outs of their businesses and technologies, and their vision for the future!

Not only did they benefit from the expertise of these leading lights, but the first day - as always - was uniquely community focused with our barcamp and democamp!

We were also proud to be supported by some great sponsors this year including Epson, Sony, and Paypal, who gave developers access to their next generation of Android devices!

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Day 1: Barcamp and Democamp

Our community led day where you can take to the stage to propose talks and showcase your cool applications!

Track Auditorium Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4

Welcome to Droidcon!


Barcamp Kickoff


Customize Your Views

Benjamin Weiss

android mobile droidcon

Give Your Objects Exactly What They Need

JB Steadman

dagger roboguice dependency-injection android mobile droidcon

Dinosaurs and Android: The Listview Evolution

Jorge Barroso and Fernando Cejas

listview widget android mobile droidcon

Android Based Dongles and Wearable Accessories

Ken Blakeslee

android mobile

Top 10 Tips for Marketing Your Mobile Games

James Kaye

mobile-gaming gaming android mobile droidcon

Authentication for Droids

Tim Messerschmidt

authentication android mobile droidcon

AIDE - develop for Android on Android

Dennis Strein and Hans Kratz

aide android mobile droidcon

Understanding the What and How of Android App Performance

Kumar Rangarajan

android mobile droidcon

Beyond the Framework: Portable and Efficient System Components Using NDK

Eric Hassold

native cross-platform android mobile droidcon

Developing i'm Watch Apps

Sebastiano Poggi

android mobile droidcon



Intel® XDK – a tool for HTML5 development and cross-platform packaging

html5 android mobile droidcon

Power your app with Content Provider – Mathieu Calba

Mathieu Calba

mobile-application android mobile droidcon

Adventures in Optical Character Recognition!

opencv native-code android mobile droidcon

Rhomobile Suite

android mobile droidcon

How to develop native android apps for easy porting to iOS and HTML5

Robin Puthli

android ios mobile droidcon

Would you code blindfolded?

android mobile droidcon

If location data is the little black dress for mobile, how do I make sure I have the best?

mobile-application android mobile droidcon

Developing for the 10 foot UI, Exploring Smart TVs and Multiscreen Possibilities with Tushar Gupta

alljoyn android-ui smart-tv sdk android mobile droidcon

Raise your game


Functional testing with Calabah

functional-testing android mobile droidcon

Simple persistence with Cupboard

android mobile droidcon

Video SDK – Quickblox

quickblox android mobile droidcon

Runtime styling – Cyanogen

cyanogen android mobile droidcon

How to develop applications using Android’s Second Screen API with Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi)

intel android mobile droidcon


parallax android mobile droidcon



Facebook - Lessons Learned

facebook android mobile droidcon

Games and force feedback – Immersion

gaming android mobile droidcon

How to instantly Analyze your apps performance before release

Kumar Rangarajan

android mobile droidcon

Magical App Testing – Test Fairy

testing android mobile droidcon

Benefits of cross operator APIs

android mobile droidcon

Android annotation processing, memento and Boundbox

Matthias Kappler and Stéphane Nicolas

memento android mobile droidcon

Porting your apps to Intel x86

android mobile droidcon

Cloud back end in minutes for Android apps

cloud android mobile droidcon

How to analyse Bugreports with chkbugreport

debugging android mobile droidcon

Handy extensions to maps on Android – Maciej Górski

android mobile droidcon



Google Glass development without Glass – Ostap Andrusiv

google-glass android mobile droidcon

Robospice – Stephane Nicholas and Riccardo

Stéphane Nicolas

robospice android mobile droidcon

App in 24h, back end in 10 minutes – APIOmat

android mobile droidcon

The Droidcon London App

Al Sutton

android mobile droidcon

View animation

Dan Lew

android mobile droidcon

KEYNOTE: CyanogenMod: Origins and Future of the aftermarket Android OS

Abhisek Devkota and Shane Francis

cyanogenmod android mobile droidcon


android mobile droidcon

Drinks and Pizza with Badoo


SoundCloud Drinks

Day 2: Presentations from the world's leading Android experts

The conference day, with talks from the biggest names in Android!

Track Auditorium Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4

Welcome to Droidcon Day Two with the Amazon Breakfast


KEYNOTE: Smart-phones in Space: A Guide

Chris Bridges


Hello SmartWatch 2

Jerker Lindgren-Götsten

android droidcon mobile

Crafting Unique, Delightful Apps

Chris Arvin and Dan Lew

android mobile

Coding For Android Consoles

Al Sutton

ouya android mobile

It's HOLO Time!

Stephan Brunner

android mobile

This Way Up: Implementing Effective App Navigation

Jeff Gilfelt

android droidcon mobile

Epson's Moverio Smart Glasses and Their Potential for Augmented Reality

Hiroyuki Baba

android droidcon mobile


Nicoll Hunt

gaming ios android droidcon

Responsive Design For Android

Juhani Lehtimaki

android droidcon mobile

Hardening Your Android App

Scott Alexander-Bown

android droidcon mobile

Bringing Firefox to Android

Lucas Rocha

firefox android droidcon mobile

Gradle Workshop

Hans Dockter

gradle build-tool sdk android-sdk android droidcon mobile

Project Anarchy with Stu Johnson

Stu Johnson

havok android mobile

When Your Korean Is Just Not Good Enough

Leslie Drewery

android droidcon mobile

Case Studies in Android Design

Jamie McDonald

android mobile

Android for Healthcare - Linden Darling

Linden Darling

android droidcon mobile

Ship Faster with Open Source from Square

Pierre-Yves Ricau

square android droidcon mobile

Android Animations

Mark Allison

android droidcon mobile

Leveraging Android for the Internet of Things with Eclipse M2M

Benjamin Cabé

m2m open-source android mobile

Beef Up Your Android Apps Using Java Tools

Jérôme Van Der Linden and Stéphane Nicolas

java android droidcon

Google Glass and #NoUi

Dave Slocombe

google-glass android droidcon



Android Security: Defending Your Users

Mark Murphy


Why Cross-Platform Multiplayer Social Gaming Is Now Possible

Dryce Abadlia and Luciano Broussal


Teaching Your Client Android Design or Ridding The World of iPhoneys

Kenton Price

android mobile

ProGuard and DexGuard for Optimisation and Protection

Eric Lafortune

proguard android droidcon mobile

Sensor Fusion Between Car and Smartphone

Gabor Paller

sensor-fusion android

Simplify Android Apps Testing and Presentation with Genymotion

Daniel Fages

genymotion android

Mastering Android Drawables

Cyril Mottier


3D on Android: Open Source Workflow

Dennis Ippel

3d sdk android-sdk rajawali opengles android droidcon mobile

Conquering Concurrency: Bringing the Reactive Extensions to the Android Platform

Matthias Kappler

java rxjava android droidcon

Hardening Android Dual Boot for Enterprise Usage

Janosch Maier and Robert Konopka

android droidcon

Awesomeness Check List

Taylor Ling

android-ux android droidcon mobile

Productising A Modern Android Device

Craig Arnush

android droidcon mobile

Getting Your App Noticed

David Isbitski and David Llewellyn

android droidcon mobile

How To Break Your Beast Project Down Into Services And Enjoy A Happy Life!

Marcos Placona

soa android droidcon mobile

Device Fragmentation vs Clean Code

Iordanis Giannakakis

dependency-injection automated-testing android droidcon mobile

App To App: Designing Local APIs

Ty Smith

evernote android droidcon

Building for Success: Scalable Cloud Backends for Your Android Apps

Mandy Waite

google-app-engine google-cloud-endpoints cloud android droidcon

If Spock had an Android Phone: Android and the Web of Things

Dominique Guinard

spock nfc android droidcon mobile

The Beautiful Game

Stephen Naicken

android droidcon mobile

Don't Screw Up Your App! A Case Study In Using Cutting Edge Technologies Before They Are Ready

Francesca Cuda and Rajit Singh

android droidcon mobile

Closing Ceremony


Business Design Centre

Situated in Islington, one of London’s most vibrant areas, the BDC is within walking distance of Angel tube station and relatively close to Kings Cross, Farringdon, Liverpool Street and Euston stations. Conveniently located outside the congestion charge zone, the venue also benefits from on-site car parking, an adjacent Hilton Hotel, and has disabled access.


Business Design Centre

Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 0QH, GB

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